Announcing New Leadership Column

We are launching an exciting new column featuring stories and lessons learned from multicultural women leaders like Gloria Steinem, Dolores Huerta, Yuri Kochiyama, Helen Zia, Aileen Hernandez, Maria Teresa Kumar and many more.  We have access to many prominent women leaders who have accomplished so much in the past few decades breaking the glass ceiling, making great strides for all women and we need to learn from them.  Where else can we go to hear their stories, learn their hard earned lessons and pass that knowledge on to all of us?  Engage Her will be interviewing these women to learn about their personal stories, challenges and hear examples of the difficult situations they faced as they went on their journey for leadership and achieving goals that women never dreamed of doing years ago.

We will offer the unique perspective of talking to these women about the individual challenges they faced as multicultural women leaders in their respective fields. We’ll explore the influence of the cultural, social, political, economic and gender related  restrictions that were placed upon them by their  community and society. We want to learn how they navigated their difficulties to triumph and learn as much as we can to apply to our everyday lives.  We are at a special place in the time of history when we have the richest and most diverse group of women leaders that have achieved so much in the past few decades.  However, we need a place where we can share this information efficiently and broadcast it as widely and globally as possible so we can benefit from their triumphs and mistakes.

We’ll also interview young and emerging women leaders who are utilizing the newest Social Media and technology tools available through the Web and learn how they are tackling the new challenges facing them. Engage Her wants to connect women, share our stories and be motivated to make changes in our lives that will help all of us create a bigger and better community.  We hope you’ll send us your suggestions for women to interview, comment on our site and join the Engage Her team.  We are bringing women and men from different multicultural communities, bridging multiple generations and connecting us online and face to face through our Engage Her Circles.  You can start up your own Engage Her circle in your  community with your friends and colleagues. Click here for more information about Engage Her Circles in your area.  Enjoy!   Mable

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