Sick for Profit

Reforming Health Care is a critical topic that is being discussed, debated and analyzed across the country. As our elected officials return to their communities to discuss the proposed Health Care reform with their constituents, they are encountering an energized population of citizens who feel both supportive and critical of reform. The issues, facts and data is often distorted, mis-communicated and compromised by different special interest groups who are promoting their own perspective and initiatives. While that is the American way and everyone has the freedom to speech, the issue remains that affordable and universal healthcare is not a reality in our country today. President Obama and other groups are focusing on the facts and ensuring that people learn to separate between fact and fiction.

One of the groups who are trying to help people understand that the current health care system needs reform is focusing on the profit motive behind the current Health Care system. The video “Sick for Profit” produced by Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films shows stories of everyday citizens who have health care coverage and what they’re encountering from one health care provider. When they ask for critical coverage for their families you’ll hear the impact when they are denied coverage. Regardless of how you feel about the Health Care reform situation, we all owe it to ourselves to pay attention to the facts and to let our elected representatives know how we feel about our current health care system. It’s critical that they hear from you directly. You can send emails, attend Town Hall meetings, go to websites but it’s important that you speak up and let them know how you feel. If you don’t, then those people who do show up, speak up and write emails will ensure their voices are heard and you may not get the health care system you feel you and your family deserves.

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