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Engage Her.org is an online organization focused on educating and activating minorities, women and communities to mobilize around issues which impact their lives and communities. Why the term activation not advocacy? We feel that it is critical that people take action, get involved and DO SOMETHING positive to affect change. Using technology and the Internet as our platform enables us to provide our members programs, communication, and the ability to participate in initiatives in a broad and rapid fashion. Our core concerns are:

        Education, Health, Economic, Environmental and Social Justice

Our goal is to create societal change by empowering members to take actions on issues important to their communities beginning with voting and leadership initiatives. We are creating programs and tools to support members utilizing all the newest media and technologies to activate, educate, communicate and share our information with a global audience. These programs will include: email petitions, voter registration, surveys, blogs, local chapter and house party support, videocasting and podcasting.

Through our online community, we will inform, educate and ask people to get involved and activated to make changes in our society. The time for talk and grand promises is over. Now is the time for action and change to improve our family and community’s quality of life. Our families and communities are being decimated by issues like: obesity, diabetes and heart attacks, toxic chemicals in our food, clothing, toys and household and inadequate public education resulting in 30-50% national high school drop out rates.

We engage and leverage our collective voices to create a powerful constituency. We publish articles about these issues that explain how critical these core issues are to our communities. By educating and providing effective organizing tools for our members, we help build power and influence for minority and women’s communities that have traditionally been ignored and taken for granted. We ask our members to activate around our core issues and spread the word to their families and communities to get involved, sign email petitions, meet up in their local communities, attend rallies, contact their elected officials, and be the force of change in their communities.

We are reaching out across different communities: ethnic, racial, generational and cultural to welcome and create one powerful community for change. By listening to the young women who use social networks and New Media and combining it with the wisdom and experience of our established women and ethnic organizers, we create collaborative teams and dip into this incredible pool of energy and synergy. Adding the power, speed and global reach of the Internet, we create a tidal wave of change that allows our members to fully collaborate, communicate and truly participate in democracy in our own way. We are empowering ourselves to be the desperately needed “Agents of Change” for our families, communities and society. We are becoming the leaders we sought when we elected our local, state and national leaders.

It is time to take charge, time to demand accountability and action. We cannot wait for the government and corporations to make change. We must collectively create our own solutions, implement change, and bring our cultures and communities together. Engage Her will implement programs to support the growth of our economy and repave the road to prosperity for our children, families and our country. By joining us and becoming part of our Engage Her community, you can help us to achieve our goals.

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