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Multicultural Women's Leadership Conference, April 25-26, 2009


Multicultural Women's Leadership Conference
Saturday-Sunday April 25-26, 2009

No. California college campus to be announced

The conference will be limited to 400 attendees and will attracting women of all ages and cultures to discuss the problems and issues we currently face. We will ensure that conference leadership is represented by young women students (high school to college), young working women and experienced women leaders to guide the conference. The goal of the conference is to create a set of recommendations that will lead to significantly increase women leadership by developing suggestions and programs  that will receive funding and support. Our objective is to encourage multicultural women to seek leadership positions and create a large national pool of qualified women to become leaders.

Conference Format:
The two day conference will consist of multiple topics that attendees will sign up and to participate in. The workshops are designed to be small interactive working groups that will discuss and outline issues, problems and potential solutions. These recommendations will be compiled into a report with our findings that will be published and shared with corporate sponsors, partner organizations and national institutions.

-Panelists and speakers will incorporate multicultural women topic experts representing the following key topical areas:
•  Leadership Skills (Communications, Decision Making, Risk Assessment)
•  Education (Fixing No Child Left Behind, Future of Higher Education, Global preparedness)
•  Health (Diseases, Healthcare, Food & environmental impact, Wellness, Fitness)
•  Economic (Job creation, Small businesses, Foreclosure, Personal Finance)
•  Environmental (Climate change, Toxic impact, Environmental Justice, Carbon initiative)
•  Government (Increased participation & leadership, Accountability, Funding for programs, local citizen activism)
•  Corporate (Increasing women leadership, training needs for leadership candidates, addressing multicultural women's' concerns & opportunities)
•  Media (Addressing negative media images & stereotypes, increased media spokeswomen, expansion of New Media leaders, incorporation of multicultural communities & issues)
Social Justice/Issues
    •  Immigration
    •  Reproductive Rights
    •  Incarceration
    •  Equal Pay rights
Social Support Issues
    •  Affordable childcare
    •  Paid parental/sick leave
    •  Support for Elders
    •  Social/Mental wellness
    •  Open flexible work guidelines
•  Cultural Stereotypes & Repression issues (Identification of key issues, solutions & programs to address stereotypes, restrictions, leadership programs, training & curriculum)
•  Feminism & Womanism (New direction for social political movements with multicultural emphasis, impact of changing demographics and issues)
•  Arts Involvement (Increased support for Arts education & funding, Requirement of arts education in schools, Funding support for Arts opportunities and careers)

Speakers and Topic Experts:
The conference is featuring national women leaders like Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms Magazine & Women's Media CenterJoan Blades cofounder of Moveon.org and Momsrising.org, Maria Teresa Peterson, Executive Director of Votolatino.org, Elmy Bermejo, Chairwoman of Women's Foundation of California and HOPE (HIspanas Organized for Politcal Equality) , S. Raye Mitchell of I C Hope Foundation and Project GURLS , and Arlene Blum Founder of the Green Science Policy Institute as well as other recognized experts.

Sponsorships and Partnerships
Engage Her, Inc. is sponsoring and organizing the conference working with key national, regional and grassroot  partnerships and organizations. Corporate sponsorship packages are available. If you wish to be put on a list to receive information, please sign up for our free membership and we will be sending you details. For more information contact:

Tameeka Kelley, Program Manager

More detailed agenda, speakers list, and information will be posted shortly.

Conference Team Leaders:
We will be selecting 24 Conference Team Leaders who are college age, young working professionals, community organizers or stay at home moms who represent our multicultural communities.  The responsibilities and criteria for selection are listed in the Conference Team Leader description. Interested applicants must send in their completed applications no later than Friday, January 30, 2009.  The Team Leaders will be notified by Friday February 6 with their welcome packages and schedules.
Click here for Conference Team Leader program
Click here for Conference Team Leader application

Topic Experts:
A call for Topic Experts and abstracts with the criteria and responsibilities are attached. We expect to select a number of industry leaders and experts who will help co-lead their topic workshops with the Conference Team Leader and College Leader assigned to their workshop.  Click here for the description for topic experts and the application.The applications are due Friday Feb. 6, 2009 and the selected experts will be notified on February 13, 2009.
Click here for Topic Expert program
Click here for Topic Expert application

Conference Registration:
Tickets will go on sale in mid-February. If you wish to be put on a list to receive information, please sign up for our free membership and we will be sending you details.  Alternatively, you can check back for conference registration details.

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