President Obama and Jobs Forum

President Obama held a Job Forum at the White House to hear from economic leaders, small business owners, corporations and citizens about the issues surrounding job creation. We need to deploy the money earmarked for economic recovery and start channeling it specifically to job creation. President Obama has put out the call to citizens to hold their own version of a town hall and get citizens together to brainstorm a multitude of ideas and ways that our government and communities can create jobs together. There isn’t a “magic bullet” that will solve this economic downturn. However as citizens we can be part of the solution and feed ideas, suggestions and ask for help to get our communities back on our feet.

We’ve talked to small business owners who are desperately trying to get a line of credit from their banks to support their on going operations and are being turned down. We need to feed that critical information back to President Obama and get his administration to put pressure on the banks to start lending out the fiscal stimulus money they were given to help out our businesses. We’ve heard and received notices from our credit card companies demanding 20-30% interest payments for unpaid credit card balances which is unacceptable. At this time of economic duress, they are taking advantage of our citizens and consumers and reaping huge profits at our expense. We need to get together and let the government know that this is not the way that we can improve our economic situation. We need their help and attention to ensure that all of us are being taken care of and not being taken advantage of. Send us your ideas and suggestions as we want to receive your ideas and feed them back to the White House.